Jerry Albert, M.Ed., CRC, CVE

Linda Wiltshire, RN, CRRN, CDMS

Vocational Services

Connecting the Dots in the Rehabilitation Process

Life Coaching in Jacksonville, FL

Jerry Albert graduated from Wayne University with a Master’s in Education. He has 40+ years of rehabilitation experience in counseling, vocational testing, job placement, and labor market research. His experience spans various populations from the catastrophically injured person to the person with chronic pain to adjustment issues related to job change due to injury or other life circumstances. His extensive work in many settings, including his many year's life coaching in Jacksonville, FL, makes him one of the most highly experienced vocational experts in the nation. Currently, Jerry is Project Manager for a State of Florida program designed to help injured workers throughout Florida return to work. Jerry is D.O.L certified and is a Board Certified Professional Counselor.

We Can Help Our Clients Find Jobs For People With Disabilities

Rejoining the workforce is a meaningful experience when you team up with Momentum Healthcare, Inc. We facilitate life coaching in Jacksonville, FL, which empowers clients to pursue work that is the best fit for their skills, talents, and abilities. We will work with you to recognize your strengths so that you may seek employment with dignity and confidence.  With our skill, experience, and compassionate approach, you have the tools required to succeed.


Everyone approaches recovery and rehabilitation differently. Collaborate with a team that will strengthen your capabilities. Our team has decades of experience in helping clients find employment. Thanks to our diverse, wide-ranging skill set, we can help you return to the workforce.


Returning to work can be a challenge--especially if you have a disability or are recovering from a sickness or injury. Have confidence in knowing that you do not have to face these challenges alone. We are a skilled and empathetic team that is with you at each step of the rehabilitation process. Our life coach will help you identify strengths and encourage you to strengthen current ones. In addition, we provide a wealth of resources and support to assist in your career change. With us as your guides and job search helpers, you have the power to find and secure work.

Medical Case Management Services

  • Field Based Medical Case Management
  • Telephonic Medical Case Management
  • Medical File Review Services

Telephonic Nurse Case Manager Services Available
  • Vocational Evaluation & Reemployment Assessments
  • Labor Market Survey & Research Services
  • Retroactive Job Search of Job Availability
  • Job Search and Job Development

Linda is the Senior Nurse Case Manager. She brings over 30 years of expert disability management experience to the company. Linda is responsible for maintaining a high level of professional service integrity focusing on quality and speed of service for all professionals providing rehabilitation services. She is also responsible for supervision of Momentum's network of service providers throughout the country.

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